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PatientFi Financing

PatientFi partners with healthcare practices to remove cost barriers by offering patients friendly monthly plans, so more patients can say yes to the elective procedures they want.

What is PatientFi?

Specialized Financing for your Med Spa Needs

PatientFi offers a fresh perspective on patient finance. The loan automation platform looks at a variety of indicators, not simply your credit score, to determine your eligibility. It only takes a few minutes to get approved, and then you may obtain the treatments you desire right away without having to worry about upfront fees.

How does PatientFi work?

PatientFi uses automation to determine your eligibility for a loan for your medical procedures. This streamlines the approval process and lets PatientFi pass the savings to you once you accept your customized offer.

Why PatientFi?

Fast, Easy, no damage to your credit score

PatientFi understands that you have a lot on your plate. Their simple online application generates your personalized offer in minutes and has no impact on your credit score.

Excellent Customer Service

We recognize excellent service when we see it at Esteem Cosmetics. We wouldn't entrust our patients' care to just any company. PatientFi's customer support team provides excellent financial service, much as Esteem does.

PatientFi helps with more, than just Medical Spas

PatientFi opens a lot more for you than just aesthetic treatments. PatientFi loans are available for eye, dentistry, plastic surgery, and fertility treatments. The doctor-driven approach of PatientFi maintains your treatment in the hands of people who care about you, rather than huge banks.

Patient Requirements

When assessing your eligibility, PatientFi looks at more than just your credit score. To qualify you, an algorithm analyzes your application data to hundreds of data points.

See your loan amount in just moments

On certain loans, PatientFi offers 0% financing! Patients who meet the criteria can have their loan interest waived if they pay it off during the promotional period. To see if you're eligible, click the link below.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I know whether I'm eligible for a PatientFi loan?

PatientFi uses a loan application process that involves credit checks, employment verification, banking history, and other pertinent data. Within PatientFi's patented credit decisioning algorithm, patient application data is compared to several hundred scoring variables.

Does applying for a PatientFi loan affect my credit?

PatientFi checks the patient's credit report with the patient's permission. When a person requests for credit, their credit score is usually influenced by examining their credit record. A single credit inquiry is unlikely to have a major impact on a consumer's credit score in most situations.

What costs do I have to pay if I take a loan from PatientFi?

PatientFi may charge: I an application fee, (ii) a late fee for each late payment made, (iii) a processing cost for each payment made, and/or (iv) a payment fee for each payment made via check, cash, money order, credit or debit card, depending on the state regulations where the patient resides. Payments made through ACH bank transfer incur no costs.

How do I manage my PatientFi loan?

To access their account, a patient connects onto our internet portal (www.patientfi.com). The patient can manage their loan by logging in and making payments, viewing account history, updating account information, accessing support tools, and contacting customer service.

Can I use PatientFi to pay off my loan early?

Patients are free to pay off their loans early at any time.

How can I reach out to PatientFi?

Please contact PatientFi directly with any issues or concerns about a patient account: hello@patientfi.com 866.734.5979